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Write a love letter.
To yourself.

Ever feel ‘less than’? Like an outsider? Flawed? It’s awful, isn’t it? What if, just maybe, none of that is true? What if, instead, we turn those self-defeating thoughts into a sort of love potion? A spa treatment for your soul! Learn how in a Love Letter Session on the book an appointment page.

The Palette of Your Life.

Sometimes we simply need support to remember who we are. Favorite colors. Passions. Dreams. Every little thing that calls to us matters. If what matters to you has gotten muddied, we can get back to basics. Let’s take a look and paint a picture that reflects your truest self in vivid color. Learn how in the True Colors Session on the book appointment page..


Once, during my hospice training, one of our presenters, Dr. Richard Batzler, said, “Every adult is a grieving adult”. We are all dealing with change and loss. Our hearts break, almost on a daily basis. Together you and I can honor those losses, and begin the journey towards wholeness. See more in the Exploring Grief Session on the book an appointment page.

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