Here you are, on a webpage about tarot readings. You may be surprised by that, as I am surprised to be doing tarot readings! Yet we are here together, meeting each other in a place that allows mystery to be coupled with reason. 

Perhaps you have been circling around the same old issue, hitting the wall again and again. Maybe you have a hunch about your next step, but crave some guidance on how to make it happen. It could be that you simply feel adrift, and want to get your feet grounded on something solid. Whatever brings you here, relax. Look around. Ask questions. 

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times

A Bit About Me

Tarot + You + Me

My office mate and fellow intuitive

I would love to support you as you take the next step in your life. So often we have a hunch about what we need to do, but we long to have validation before diving in. Or we feel clueless and yearn to have clarity about which way to turn. There are a million reasons to seek support. And your reason is enough.

These are my offerings – take a look:

Email Reading

Email me your question/issue. I will do your reading within 36 hours and email your answer back to you. I will include a photo of the cards drawn and written explanation in a PDF format.

Price for email reading is $36

Phone Reading

We will meet together over the phone or Zoom for an hour. The call will be recorded and sent to you. You will bring your question/issue to our session and we will jump right in and see what the cards have to say.  We will discover how their ancient wisdom proves to be timeless as it speaks into your current situation. Our time together will be a spark of insight and a step forward.

Cost for one hour phone reading is $68

Phone Reading + Coaching Call

With this option you will get all that is mentioned in the one hour phone reading, PLUS an hour-long follow-up call two weeks after your first session. In the second call we will work together to refine your vision. We will create actionable steps so that you can implement your new-found wisdom in order to reach your goal. Both calls will be recorded.

The cost of the phone reading + coaching call is $138