Free to Be

Support for being true to you

…a brave-hearted journey towards infinite liberation

“And lend your voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength
To that which you wish
To be free from

Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And you shall lead
A life uncommon”

Jewel - Life Uncommon from Spirit album

Meet Yourself

Before you meet me, I want you to meet yourself. Your WHOLE self. All of you is welcome here. Let’s get started!

Take a deep breath and invite every part of you to the party. Let the happy part talk to the sad part. Allow the reclusive shadow to share its story. Listen to the angry voice. Celebrate the joyful side. Don’t hold back. There is room for everybody. Right here.

Say the Thing

Next, say the thing you are afraid to name. Invoke the truth and feel the freedom.

Embrace Yourself

Now, it’s time to be the friend your heart needs. Marvel at the miraculous being that you are, and give yourself a loving hug. You’re amazing! Let that truth warm you from the inside out.

Shine Your Light

Beam your uniqueness without apology.


Holding space. It’s what I do.
Life can be daunting at times. We all hit rough patches and need to regroup, remember, realize. If you are looking for a safe place to process, I am here to support YOU. Whether you’re grieving, feeling lost, or wanting to brush the cobwebs off of a long-held dream, I would love to help you heal and move forward.
Take a look around. Reach out. I would be honored.

Hello. I’m Nan.


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