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Hello! I’m Nan. A few things about me...I've lived in Chicago and in the rural mountains of North Carolina, with many places in-between. I haven’t always been at home in my life, especially when I have tried to hide my uniqueness.

Our uniqueness is our gift. Our lives are how we express those gifts. Sometimes what that looks like can be confusing. Most of us want answers to life’s biggest questions. And we want them to be clear. It is not always so clear though. We might question, doubt, deny ourselves. Our uniqueness might feel like a curse. The next step might be ever so elusive. Yet, in all the pain, joy and muck that life throws at us, we are free to make choices. Choices that bring us closer to home. The choice may be simple and easy. It may be challenging or gut-wrenching. Sometimes the answer is to make peace with not knowing. 

Tarot is not a process that predicts the future, yours or mine. Our futures, as it turns out, are interactive. Tarot does help us look at our stories in a new light. Its images and metaphors invite us into the story, where we can see the places we are stuck or misinformed. It helps us see what our right environment looks like. With fresh awareness we are able to make informed, empowered decisions. Tarot opens us up to possibility and ownership in our lives. It is a tool that offers a way to embrace our uniqueness, which in turn allows us to experience and express our gifts. The choice to live authentically rests squarely on our shoulders. Therein lies the liberating truth...



If you would like to explore your issue by seeing what tarot has to say, I invite you to contact me. So often we have a hunch about what we need to do, but we long to have validation before diving in. Or we feel clueless and yearn to have clarity about which way to turn. There are a million reasons to seek support. And YOUR reason is enough. Let's sit down together, open our hearts and see how we might put together a plan that will help set you free from old, limiting stories, and support you as you step into your life in all your brilliant uniqueness. 
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