What the Flock?!?




It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.  *    




Fear is a bully that never shuts up.

Listening to fear keeps us small. Tiny. 

It makes us followers instead of leaders. 

Fear demands we disguise our differences.

Be a sheep.

Join the flock.




Your differences are your gifts. CELEBRATE them.

You've got what it takes to flee the flock mentality. (If that feels impossible, could be that your sheep-y self is calling all the shots.)

You can give fear the finger. Any time.

Courage asks you to be true.

To befriend your brilliance.

Come out of hiding.

Shed the sheep act.

Be a lion.



It can be a jungle out there. If you feel a little shaky about letting the world hear your roar, come visit the LION studio. Here you can practice going from COWARDLY to COURAGEOUS in a safe environment. We'll honor your truth. We will embrace your you-ness. In the face of fear, you will learn to be conspicuously brave. And set yourself free.

Be a lion. For ONE day. Then another. And another. See how good it feels to be you. Go ahead, give it a go. The world is waiting.

I've got your back.

* thanks to Elizabeth Kenny