I wake up early. I get my cup of coffee and get back in bed, bringing my iPad with me. When I look up again, it is an hour later. My coffee is gone and irretrievable minutes have vanished. There is a sinking feeling in my stomach. Shame surrounds me like a hot blanket. The pattern is repeated daily, altho I could break the cycle. But I haven't. Until today. I have a notebook of quotes, which I read for inspiration. Mary Wollstonecraft said, "The beginning is always today." Ah. Yes. The beginning is always today. Now. Here. A simple offering to begin anew. So here I am, forgiving myself, embracing the deliciousness of choice, shooing the shame away. Alive to possibility. In my heart, in my bones, I want to be a vehicle of healing and liberation. As I sit in bed in the early morning light with my ipad and coffee, I reach out to all of us who want to be bigger than our smallness. Let's return each moment to that place where our visions dwell and bring them to the surface, into the light of day. Here we can remember who we truly are. We can mirror, expand, grow. Like a plant turning towards the sun, we can lean into our best lives. Today I step out of my rootbound pot into the spaciousness of intention. I relinquish hours on Facebook. May what I create, instead, speak of love, soul freedom, and the power of now. And may you too be called to follow your deepest dreams, moment by single moment. The beginning is ALWAYS today.  
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Because we need to hear your voice



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What Google Maps Can’t Tell Me

Have you ever felt like you were being taken for a ride? Felt like a victim, like you were just a passenger in your own life, with someone else behind the wheel? I have. Many times. I have bitched and complained at every turn. Blamed everybody and everything for ending up here, in this unhappy/disappointing/whatever location.

For many years I listened to other people, ignoring my own inner compass. I gave the keys to somebody else. I took the candy and got in the car. I ended up sick and disoriented, and nowhere near home. I learned a valuable lesson: following someone else's directions is a sure-fire way for me to get lost. I don't ever want to go down that road again.

It has taken me a number of years to be brave enough and aware enough to get behind the wheel of my life and drive in the direction of my dreams. MY DREAMS. The interesting thing is that nobody else has a map telling me exactly how to get to the land of dreams-come-true. Only I have access to those details. In fact, I can usually only see a few feet ahead, can only see the next bend in the road. So that is where I head. It can be painfully scary, like driving in blinding rain or dense fog. Sometimes I need to stop and wait, rest, trusting that the fog will clear. And it does. I am learning to be patient, to not rush the journey. I know that the trip itself is the point. Taking responsibility for my choices and making the next right move, the move that makes my heart say YES, is how I travel these days. It feels so much better this way. The dreams, once so elusive, are now traveling companions. We make our plans, and head out into the world, always following our inner compass. I rarely get lost anymore.

If you have been a reluctant passenger and are now wanting to steer the car, bravo for you! Set your intention and grab the keys. The only map you will ever really need is in your heart. Unfold it and take a look. Be brave. Head towards that scenic overpass, that dream of a landscape you've seen in your mind's eye. It is a trip worth taking.

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